How do I play online?

To play online, you'll first need to open a LAOS National Lottery Account. If you haven't yet opened one, we'll prompt you to do so once you've completed your online play slip.

A LAOS National Lottery Account lets you play Lottery Draw Games and our exciting Instant Wins online. To get started, you can transfer as little as 20.000 KRW  to your Laos National Lottery Account from your credit card, and transfer money back to your bank account at any time. For your added security we do verify your personal details. If we can't authorise your application immediately online, you can also register for an Account by post.

How do I enter my numbers?

Simply complete the online play slip:

1.Just think and guess of 4-digit number - you can choose any number from 0000 to 9999.

2. Choose the day(s) of the draw, and the number of weeks, you'd like to play. You can play every day from Monday to Sunday and up to eight weeks in advance.

3. You can also select to play continuously by choosing the 'Continuous' option from the 'Number of weeks' drop down menu. When choosing this option, you will be prompted to set up a Direct Debit, so please have your account details ready.

4. Next, click 'Play Now'

How much does it cost?

Place your bet, the minimum cost is 500 KRW

When the lotto draws ?

The lotto draws every day from Monday until Sunday at 10.30 PM (GMT + 8).